Products & Services

We are inspired and shaped by the innovations at Sun in the 80s, Cisco in the 90s, and Google in the 2000s. We capitalize on the confluence of two market shifts that occurred between 2000 and 2010, and continue to evolve: the widespread market adoption of open source software and the ongoing need for security innovation.  We help lead the trend where data is valued as a tangible asset and software is the lever for business innovation.


In networking, we work with leading companies in software-defined networking. Customers benefit because network software innovations empower new applications in big data, security and virtualization that have changed how IT is done.

Big Data


In big data, we work with the companies and engineers who have led the open source community and have enabled new mission capabilities at a lower cost. 



In security, we work with best of breed, world class engineers who've dedicated their careers to specialized market segments.  From insider threat mitigation to social media risk management to threat intelligence policy automation, our portfolio companies protect the most vital operations of government missions.